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Friday, September 26, 2008

summer of max

tash mcgill came to my house (my old one) from new zealand to visit us. she brought a big camera, that you could take a bunch of pictures at once with, and flip through the pictures really fast. so you could make claymation. we made a claymation thing in my backyard.

a month or two after she went back to new zealand, my dad shows me this video that she made from the pictures. she calls it "summer of max."

tash's blog

Sunday, September 21, 2008


sorry, i started school and kinda forgot about my blog.

i'm really excited for this year, because we're going to be learning about ancient india and persia. we're already learning about india. we learned about the indian buddha. and i found out that buddha believes in god. and then i thought to myself: i wonder if god believes in buddha. well, it doesn't exactly say that buddha believes in god, but it does say that buddha forsaw that jesus was coming to the earth. and he was happy because then jesus could tell people the way of life.

i'm mostly excited about egypt. 'cause i've learned some things about egypt already, and it's really interesting.

this year we get to start woodwork class, which is just making things out of wood. but we're not allowed to use any electric tools until 6th grade, i think. and i'm in 5th grade now, so it won't be that long. but right now we're making this toy that's a square stick of wood, with a bunch of notches in it, and a little propeller at the top. we'll use a round stick, and rub it down the notches. then the propeller will spin because of the vibrations in the wood. right now i'm still making the notches with a knife. but it's a really easy project. so i'll be done pretty soon.

we have handwork, which is knitting, sewing, etc. right now, they're just telling us to knit a certain amount of rows and stuff, because they haven't told us yet what we're making.

for school, we have to play a stringed instrument -- either violin, viola, or cello. btw, the viola is just bigger than a violin. and, yes, it is a different instrument. i play the cello. i started a year and a half ago. we can stop in 6th grade if we want, and i think i might, because i play drums, but my drumset broke. so i haven't played i a while. and when i get enough money to buy another set, then i'm going to start playing again. and i think it would be easier just to play one instrument.

so, as you can see, there are lots of ups and downs in my new school year. but i'm still really excited about it.

Monday, September 1, 2008


i just moved into the house that i mentioned a month ago. and for those of you who didn't see that post, it's way smaller than my last house but there's a jungle in the backyard, its a small jungle but yes, a jungle. there's also a granny flat which is a guest house in the back yard. and you can walk to so many things from our house: including, baskin robbins (ice cream), cosmo's (a coffee shop, always stocked with ibc rootbeer), and a delicious restaurant -- i don't remember the name -- but i got lasagna, and it was amazing. my sister got cheese ravioli, and it was amazing. they had homemade gelato; which, in my opinion, is the best kind of ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet/etc. i got cookies and cream gelato, and instead of the base being vanilla, it was chocolate (so, it was chocolate cookies and cream). and i loved it.

i got over the sadness of us moving away from our pool very fast. and after all, i'm very happy that we moved.