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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


we're moving sadly, which means i have to say goodbye to my big pool. i was frustrated about that at first, but now we found a house which we're going to get. it has a freaking jungle in the back yard. i mean it's got bamboo of all sizes, it's got a koi pond, and a bunch of different kind of green plants that look jungly to me. it has a granny flat too. it comes with a full on kitchen, a bathroom and a fridge so we don't have to use that junky one we have in our garage. we all have different ideas on how to use it:

i think that it should be used for me! i want use it to hang out with my friends and for sleepovers. it would be like a club house. it would be ok if my sister used it that way too, as long as i wasn't already scheduled to use it that day.

my mom wants to use it as a guest room/spiritual direction and a spiritual retreat space. think candles and incense and crosses everywhere. fun huh?

my sister wants it to be a place her and her "band" can rehearse when they haven't even had one rehearsal yet. she'd also like to use it for sleepovers.

my dad wants to turn it into a theater/gaming room.

i think me and my dad's ideas can kind of go together and liesl's can with a little bit of work. but see there's one problem. mom (dun dun duhhhhhhh)

how do you think we should solve this problem? if your idea is good enough, we may actually use it!

i'm also going to have a contest right now! what do you think is the craziest and funnest idea for using a granny flat? you might get a very valuable cash prize. ok, probably not but play anyway!!

all ideas for granny flat use have to be turned in by monday, august 4. good luck to you all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

movie review 2: batman the dark night

Batman is a very good movie... and when i say very... i mean very. Surprisingly there are 2 villains. I'm not going 2 tell you the other villain besides the joker but i will tell you that it is disgusting.

favorite joker quotes:

"how 'bout a magic trick? i can make this pencil disappear"

"here's my card"

favorite scene:

picture the joker in a tight nurse's uniform walking away from a hospital that is blowing up.

this is my rating 1 to 5 with 5 being the best: 4.8

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i am on vacation. i went to michigan first,for my cousin's wedding. i danced like crazy and obviously i am such a great dancer. and then from there,we went to chicago, which is now my favorite city that i've ever been too. when we went there we saw something called, "blue man group". it's these three guys with blue (painted) skin. this was probably my favorite part of my vacation, because it was really funny and really random. they have these little holes in their stomache and they ate some twinkie that apparently upset their stomaches and it sprayed out of the holes into the audience. yuck. a big glob landed on my foot! at the end of the performance they ran to the back of the audience and there were hundreds of streamers they pulled down over the crowd. we were in the front row which meant all the streamers that were being pulled down from the back of the crowd to the front all ended up on top of up. i was completely buried! i just got back to michigan in a cabin with my cousin and grandparents. it's a block from lake michigan. time to walk to the ice cream parlor, so gotta go!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

farting hero

this is a really fun game. it is called "puzzle farter". it's a little guy, with a turtle neck sweater, big square glasses, and what looks like a fish for a head. you run around and fly (by farting), to get from one door to another. it's mostly just trying to get to the other end through an obstacle course. and lots of times, there are living obstacles, such as fishes with stilts, giant fat chickens, and cats who throw paper airplanes at you! this is a super-addicting game. and so far i've made it to level 20 -- way farther than my dad or sister (my mom doesn't play video games).

can you get higher than 20 levels?

here's the link

Monday, July 7, 2008


kangaroo kyle can catch. what can't kangaroo kyle catch?

i'm going on a vacation to michigan this week for my cousin's wedding. i think i should be in the wedding, but no-o-o-o. anyways. were staying in a cabin with my grandma and grandpa for a while, and my family is going to spend a couple days in chicago. we're going to go to a bunch of museums and stuff. and i'm really looking forward to the trip.

i've been reading through the harry potter books, finally! like, everyone else has already read all of them! and i've read a lot of books, but not harry potter. so far, i've finished the first book, and i'm halfway through the second one. and i just started reading them about a month ago. i'm hoping to get through another one on our trip.

that's all for now!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Oops!!! I know my alphabet. Really I do. But i forgot "I". So here it is.

I ate ink!

And I think this one's actually pretty hard, so say that ten times fast!


here is my tongue twister for J. in honor of my mom, since the first letter of her name is j, i will do something involving her!

Jeannie jumped on jello over jam and jelly jars.

This is more entertaining than hard, but whatever.