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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the monthly max phrase

the monthly max phrase is something i will do regularly. whenever i start to say a new phrase i will put it in the monthly max phrase. which means it might not be monthly, it could be daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly.

this "month's" phrase is:
Oh, My Good Gosh!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

maori spongebob

Tash McGill was at our house. in fact, she still is. as you might know, Tash is from New Zealand. she is a kiwi (a new zealander). the native kiwis are called maori (when Tash says that word, it sounds like "more-ee"). she found this thing which is a spongebob website of a tv show which actually exists, which is just the exact same thing as spongbob, but in the maori language.

click the title of this post, then click on the clip.

bridge craft

i was lookin' for a game to blog about. and i came across Bridge's not that amazing. but, you now.

check it out (click title of post).

Thursday, July 9, 2009


who ever figures it out, wins a small, orange, play hammer (don't ask me were i got it).

heres the riddle: a cowboy rides in to town on friday, he stays in town for three days, then leaves town on friday. how did he do it?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

middle school

SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

i'm officially a middle schooler. which means i'm a 6th grader. not 5th, 6th. 5th, not 6th. i mean, 6th or is it 5th. no, 6th, ya, 5th. i mean, 6th, ya, that's it, 6th.

that doesn't make a difference with school. because my school goes from preschool to 8th grade. but it does make a difference with church, i'm excited about that.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i'm going to write a little bit about every kid in my class.

sean (nickname: stussi - his last name)
can be funny, mature (for an 11 year boy).

maxine (nickname: maca-seena)
smart, nice, and fast.

katelynn (nickname: none)
sassy, strong physically and verbally.

miles (nickname: mills)
short, funny, likes baseball a little too much.

quinn (nickname: quinny-binny)
funny, smart, and weird (in a good way).

forrest (nickname: dayy)
tall, cool kid, and first one to have a reason to consider a razor.

sean (nickname: lemonhead)
good at drawing, smart, and knows how to have a good time even if everybody else isn't.

montana (nickname: none)
only redhead in class, very strong verbally, and another sassy one.

nick (nickname: nini)
one of those people everybody likes, funny, and physically strong.

isabella (nickname: izzy)
small, excellent knitter, and enthusiastic.

nicholas (nickname: pickle)
big, funny, and not one to give up.

aiyana (nickname: none)
almost as tall as my dad, very thin, and enthusiastic.

madeleine (nickname: maddy)
short, laughs a lot, someone all the girls like.

hunter (nickname: hunner, or as i like to call him, the little energizer bunny)
short, smart, and fast, not one to mess with.

natalie (nickname: none)
does not appreciate most males, super girly, seriously colorful clothing.

sarah (nickname: none)
outgoing, very strange (not necessarily in a bad way), and funny.

cassady (nickname: sassady)
i literally didn't know what sassy meant until i came to my school and met her. VERY strong verbally.

nia (nickname: none)
can be funny, mini-'fro, strong physically.

scott (nickname: scotty-potty)
tall, VERY fast, he is really funny if he just lets his jokes come out.

john mathew (nickname: jones)
if you've got no one to hang out with, he's always there. he's really "normal".

gia (nickname: none)
really outgoing, really skinny, and really fast.

rachel (nickname: none)
very quiet, she's new to our class; and, like i said, she's quiet. so i don't really know much about her besides that.

max (nickname: extremely handsome and freaking awesome boy)
extremely handsome, freaking awesome, smarter than a 5th grader, and the guy everyone thinks is extremely handsome and freaking awesome. 'nuff said.

mrs. charmichael (our teacher)
otherwise known as "miss carmel-muncher", or as i like to call her, "commander caramel". very nice, motherly (kinda, like, she treats all of us like her children, in a non-creepy way), and a great teacher. and if i could choose any teacher from my school, i would choose commander caramel.

now you know what i have to deal with!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

bye bye daddy blog

this is sad, my daddy is giving up his blog.

so this is a post about my thoughts about my dad giving up his beloved blog. first of all, my dad has been blogging for, i don't know, let's say four years and i've always thought that it's kind of kind of cool that he blogs. just the idea of my dad having his own website as a kid sounded like someone really important. who doesn't like the idea of their dad being someone important? and so when i figured out that i could get my own website (blog), i freaked! it was like christmas or fruitcake. it just kept on being exciting. i named my blog crazy max's blog which later became the shnazzy blog. then my dad decided his job and being with his family were the two things that made him most happy in life, so he quit twitter, he quit facebook, and he quit his blog.

it felt pretty weird to be the only blogger in the family. and of course it still does. for one, i'm sad that he quit his blog because i liked it! and for two, i'm happy that he quit his blog because he quit it for me, so he could spend more time with me (and my family). the happy part seems to be a little bit stronger so that's good.

don't ever expect me to quit like my wussy dad did, for family. i have my priorities in order! :o)

what does this say?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the stupid test 4!

a fun game this is. master yoda says. easy it is (for me).

max: tell me if you win.

(click title of post for game)

46 year old dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, my dad is turning 46 on the 24th. i have no idea what to get him, neither does my mom. any ideas?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


sorry i haven't been able to blog in a while. i haven't had enough time with homework and all. but i'm blogging now :o) the reason this post is entitled "terminator" is because i have watched all three terminator movies in the past two weeks. i'm preparing myself for T4 which is coming out may 21 at a theater near you.

i thought the first one was the best as most movies are. the second one was almost as good in my opinion so it was still very good but not quite as good. you got this? deep info, yes? and the third one wasn't nearly as good as the second one, but yes, it was still good.

i thought it was kind of stupid that arnold said he would be back, but he's not back and he's not going to be back because he has moved away from terminator and become governator. what a loss. i hope terminator salvation can manage being freaking awesome without the newly known governator. i'll report back after may 21 with more info on salvation.

Friday, April 17, 2009

how that top ten london list turned out

this post is officially my first post i've ever made after i've been in europe and you may notice that i have changed. london has moved me. sigh.... and i think i've picked up an accent.

this post is a response to how i thought of the things i thought would be the best (say that 10 times fast). here we go chaps. jolly good!

max's top ten things he was looking forward to in london list and how they turned out:

#10 flying lessons with peter pan--omg we found peter pan in kensington gardens, we went to neverland and frolicked a bit until we saw hook who was actually a homeless man sleeping in the woods behind the statue of peter pan. kind of freaked me out actually. so i didn't actually get the flying lessons but it was memorable!

#9 the whole concept of going to london with my mum--freakin awesome!

#8 double decker buses--people said they were nearly phased out. there were a lot of them, even the old ones. we went on double decker buses a bunch, sat in the front of the top and it was extremely cool. much better view than from the underground.

#7 diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book (bought this for the plane trip)--cool i guess.

#6 getting one of the queen's guards to laugh. i'll tell them a fart joke--we went to buckingham palace at night. did you know the guards don't work at night? the queen was there, apparently unguarded. the only people guarding her were guys in camo carrying music stands around the grounds. very intimidating. but we did see some of the queen's guards at the tower of london guarding the jewels. so that was cool and i was going to tell him a fart joke. i really was. but i didn't know any and it felt somewhat awkward.

#5 pop art at the tate modern--it was really great but i got my hopes up too much. but on the other hand, i did get to taste a vanilla honey smoothie from the cafe. it was disgusting and sour, not sweet, sour.... what were they thinking! and it said with honey so why was it sour? doesn't make any sense.

#4 minding the gap--it didn't work out to well.

#3 high tea with the queen. i'm helping obama by giving her a second ipod, except this one is loaded with high school musical. she's gonna love it!--she loved it. i knew she was going to love it. i knew it. you knew it. of course, you know, we all knew it.

#2 a week without my sister (just kidding, no i'm not, actually i am, i don't know, kind of)--it was great, kind of, not really, no, no, yes, i don't know, mostly.

the #1 thing max is looking forward to in london is... sunny weather--this didn't work out so well either.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


i'm leaving at noon. wish me luck!

p.s. i won't be blogging for a week and then i'll try to get back on track.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

max's top ten london list!!!

london, london, i love ya, london, you're only a day more day 'til LONDON!

max's top ten things he's looking forward to in london list:

#10 flying lessons with peter pan

#9 the whole concept of going to london with my mum

#8 double decker buses

#7 diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book (bought this for the plane trip)

#6 getting one of the queen's guards to laugh. i'll tell them a fart joke.

#5 pop art at the tate modern

#4 minding the gap

#3 high tea with the queen. i'm helping obama by giving her a second ipod, except this one is loaded with high school musical. she's gonna love it!

#2 a week without my sister (just kidding, no i'm not, actually i am, i don't know, kind of)

the #1 thing max is looking forward to in london is... sunny weather

Monday, April 6, 2009

london calling

on thursday, me and my awesome mum (jeannie), are going to...wait, can i get a drum roll please....badabadabadabadabadabadabadabadabadabada (that was the drum roll)... LONDON!!! here's our tentative list of things we want to do:

british museum
tate modern museum (really excited to see the pop art)
national gallery
tower of london
london eye
st pauls cathedral
westminster abbey
double decker bus
boat cruise to greenwich
just walking around
hampton court palace

food we have in mind:

wagamama (awesome noodle place) with mindi godfrey who will be london too!
eat a meat pie!
fish and chips!
can i legally go into a pub??
ice cream, a daily essential in any country
and of course, high tea

that is what we tentatively have planned. we won't be able to do everything on the list because we only have 4 full days plus our arrival day. i want your input! what should we do! and is there other good restaurants we should try? (i have a confession to make though. i kind of am pretty darn picky. so i tend to like things less exotic and extreme.)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

disco dancing

my dad and i have been working on a new dance routine. it's real. don't get all weird and stuff (like it's not real).

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kids' Choice Awards 2009?!

the kids' choice awards is something nickelodeon (a kids tv network) does where it's kind of like the academy awards but in kid form and it's not just movies. they also include music, tv and books and video games. the reason it's called the kids' choice awards is because kids vote to choose the winners of each category. BUT ALL THE KIDS WERE WRONG! they voted incorrectly!

for best movie, the nominees were:

iron man
bedtime stories
high school musical 3
dark knight

guess what one won? wrong! guess again... wrong again! one more chance... wrong, wrong, wrong!!! sadly, high school musical 3 was the victor, but fear no evil cause at that moment i swore my vengance on that movie. and no more shall people have to suffer from the stupid musical singings of zac efron and vannessa hudgens, i promise you good people. my tactics are not violent, only that i will send out energy from my palms which will cause them to be unable to sing any longer and all the cds and dvds of high school musical movies will shatter spontaneously into millions of pieces. you can rest at ease people with good movie taste.

every year the kids' choice awards uses thousands of gallons of slime and each year they beat their record of how much slime they use. this year will ferrell did the sluge (giant slip and slide but instead of water, slime of course). he landed in this huge tub of slime and it was awesome. as awesome as it was, it did not compare with some previous year slime stunts. my favorite slime stunt was probably the one where they shot a man out of a canon and he landed in a giant pool of slime. very cool.

so next year kids, vote correctly. feel free to check with me if you're unsure of who to vote for next time. and nick, figure out a better slime stunt next year. you know those roller coasters that go really fast down into water and then curve back up? replace the water with slime! that'd be awesome and have a bunch of kids ride the coaster! i want the front seat!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

jo bros

as much as i hate the jonas brothers, they were on saturday night live a little while ago, and were really funny. they were really the musical guest, but they were in two skits too. here they are:

this made me respect them a little bit more!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

xmas vacation

over the xmas break (like, a month ago) i went to michigan (did u now they call them selves michiganders ha ha ha).

well, anyways... when i went to michigan (like i do every year), i saw my mom's side the family, with my cousins lydia, hannah, julia, sarah, their parents (my mom's brother), rodney and ronda, and my grandparents, papa turner, and grandma nola. my grandma fixed really good breakfasts, and my papa has lots of cool things that i can play with. but, most of the time when i'm at their house, i'm playing ping-pong (they've got a killer ping-pong table).

and then, of course, there's my other side of the family (my dad's side), with my cousins rachel, kirsten and her husband jordan, jacob, zack and his new wife rachel, and shana. and then, on that family, there's also my grandma and grandpa oestreicher, along with my aunt lisa, aunt lori, uncle joe, and uncle rod. and then there's always a bunch of other people who come over, such as: luther and allison, angela and jack, robbie, michelle (and two of her kids, lindsay and sam).

they've got a ping-pong table there too. :)

i don't have a ping-pong table at home in california, but when i'm in michigan, i am "mr. ping-pong"!!

so, to sum it up: all i'm doing, mostly, at both grandparents' houses, is eating food made by my grandmas, and playing ping-pong.

hope you had a merry christmas too!

Friday, January 16, 2009

the shnazzy blog

i have recently changed my blog's name, from crazy max's blog, to the shnazzy blog. the reason i did this is because i have words that i make up, that are not real, but deserve to be. this one, i have actually heard in some other places; and i thought it was the awesomest word -- EVER. so now i use it a lot. if something's cool, i say, "that's shnazzy!"

i was talking to my friend forrest about shnazz and my blog, and he said that i should name my blog "the shnazzy blog." so i did!

i have also recently decided that if you do not have any shnazz in your life, if your life is shnazzless, you have failed at life.

so, by max law, i now command you to try to put shnazz into your life. and even if you fail, your trying is enough to have the shnazz god thrust shnazziness upon you.

shnazz on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

these r all the smileys i could think of

:), :(, :0, :], :[, :}, :{, :!, :i, :$, :\, :|, :z.

more eyes, %, &.

noses, -, +.

favorite smileys, %0, &}.

mix and match then tell me witch is your favorite.