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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kids' Choice Awards 2009?!

the kids' choice awards is something nickelodeon (a kids tv network) does where it's kind of like the academy awards but in kid form and it's not just movies. they also include music, tv and books and video games. the reason it's called the kids' choice awards is because kids vote to choose the winners of each category. BUT ALL THE KIDS WERE WRONG! they voted incorrectly!

for best movie, the nominees were:

iron man
bedtime stories
high school musical 3
dark knight

guess what one won? wrong! guess again... wrong again! one more chance... wrong, wrong, wrong!!! sadly, high school musical 3 was the victor, but fear no evil cause at that moment i swore my vengance on that movie. and no more shall people have to suffer from the stupid musical singings of zac efron and vannessa hudgens, i promise you good people. my tactics are not violent, only that i will send out energy from my palms which will cause them to be unable to sing any longer and all the cds and dvds of high school musical movies will shatter spontaneously into millions of pieces. you can rest at ease people with good movie taste.

every year the kids' choice awards uses thousands of gallons of slime and each year they beat their record of how much slime they use. this year will ferrell did the sluge (giant slip and slide but instead of water, slime of course). he landed in this huge tub of slime and it was awesome. as awesome as it was, it did not compare with some previous year slime stunts. my favorite slime stunt was probably the one where they shot a man out of a canon and he landed in a giant pool of slime. very cool.

so next year kids, vote correctly. feel free to check with me if you're unsure of who to vote for next time. and nick, figure out a better slime stunt next year. you know those roller coasters that go really fast down into water and then curve back up? replace the water with slime! that'd be awesome and have a bunch of kids ride the coaster! i want the front seat!!