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Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 random things about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got tagged by my friend tash in new zealand, and i have to write 6 random things about myself. so here goes!

1. if i had been born a girl, i would have had the name "mara".

2. i recently decided that "the four main food groups of max" are:
- lasagna
- chocolate lava cake
- orange juice
- syrup

3. i like to cook. i know you would not expect that from such a manly and buff guy like me. i cook the usual: eggs, bacon, pancakes. i also cook other foods that aren't for breakfast.

4. the worst movie i've ever seen is "dragon wars".

5. i recently received a sock monkey (i named him "socko").

6. i'm collecting these things called uglydolls. look it up. i have "wage", "tray", and "chukanuka". as you might guess, they are dolls, and they are ugly (well, they're not really dolls, they're more like stuffed animals. but, anyways...).

i'm tagging mindi godfrey. mindi, you should feel special that i'm only tagging you!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

B-day : )

today is my b-day!

i am 11 years old, not 10. 11. not 10.

stand in awe of me.

Friday, November 28, 2008

smiley guy and smiley brick

i found two new games that are really cool. one is called "splitter", and one is called "super stacker". i called splitter "smiley guy" because you have to get a little smiley face, that's a ball, to a home base. he may be sitting on wood. the way you get him to the home base is to cut part of the wood, or a string that's holding something else. i know it sounds a little confusing, but you can check it out here, and then you'll get it. it's really fun and addicting game. hope you like it.

super stacker i call "smiley brick". that's because it's a series of bricks that you have to stack without them falling. they all have little faces; and when they're smiling, that means it's stable. and when they're frowning, that means they may fall. you have to stack all the blocks that they give you on each level, then the stack has to last for 15 seconds (or something like that). this one's much shorter, and i've completed all the levels. but it's still really cool, and i think you'll like it. here it is.

Saturday, November 1, 2008



Saturday, October 18, 2008

sacramento convention

last weekend, i went to the national youth workers convention, in sacramento. here are 10 things that i liked:

1. my nametag. everybody at the event has nametags hanging on lanyards. i know the people who make the nametags, so i got to choose what i wanted on mine. instead of "max oestreicher", i got "mr. important". i thought it was pretty funny, and anyone else who saw my nametag did too.

2. the magical unicorn. in the exhibit hall, there was one exhibit called "ride the magical unicorn." it was one of those bull-riding hicky-doos, except they made it look like a unicorn. they had a wizard controlling it, along with a bunch of elves and fairies. i rode it, and i'm a wimp on those things! so that's pretty good for me. i stayed on longer than most people, but, the wizard was going easy on me.

3. fake 'staches (mustaches). on the "ride the magical unicorn" hicky-doo, they gave you free fake mustaches. and one of 'em kinda looked like a uni-brow. so i put one like a regular mustache, and one like a uni-brow. and, then, i gave one to my sister, and one to my mom (and i took off the uni-brow). here's a picture:

4. hawk nelson. well, my favorite bands are: P.O.D., family force five, the beatles, coldplay, muse, and hawk nelson. so i was very excited to hear that hawk nelson would be playing at the convention. i got to meet justin nelson (yes, that is his name, not "hawk"), so that was really cool.

5. our suite. the hyatt (a hotel) is right next to the convention center where we had the convention. and, since my dad is the president of youth specialties, the hotel gives him a free suite, because they knew that a bunch of people would be using the hyatt so they could go to the convention. our suite was huge. it didn't have a balcony, but it was still cool. there was a room with two queen sized beds for me and my sister, a living room, dining room, kitchen, tv room, master bedroom, 3 bathrooms, and my personal favorite -- the laundry room! (i'm kidding - i never used the laundry room).

6. the governator. since the capitol of california is right across the street from the hyatt, arnold schwartzenegger (or however you spell that), lives -- part time -- in a suite right below the suite we stayed in. his suite has a HUGE balcony (which he apparently never uses, since we didn't see him!). we couldn't open the windows in our suite, because of his suite being right below it. i just thought it was funny that you couldn't open the windows. me and my sister wondered if there would be guards there, but we didn't exactly want to check.

7. the green room. if you don't know, the green room is the backstage room where people who are going to be onstage in a general session wait. sometimes there's hardly anyone back there, and sometimes it's really crowded. it's really cool, because i'm always just back there (drinking a lot of soda, and eating a lot of candy that they have set out!) just sittin' down, watching all the famous people do what they do -- which is usually pretty boring, because all they usually do it type on a computer or something. but there is lots of candy!

8. the escapes. there was four illusions that i saw. one was a girl getting out of a closed and locked water tank (i actually missed that one, but heard it was really amazing). the one i saw was the girl in a straight-jacket, getting hung by her feet really high up. somehow, she got out of the straight-jacket, and got free. another one was the guy who got out of a straight-jacket also -- he wasn't as good as the girl, mainly because wasn't being hung by anything. but they tightened the straight-jacket really tight. the last one was the girl getting into a box, and the guy folding the box into a much, much smaller box that i'm sure no human could fit in. then he stabbed swords through it, took them out, and unfolded the box to it's normal size. she crawled out unharmed. it was really cool.

9. tiny bug. you might know who tic long is. he works with my dad. i call him "tiny bug" because, as you probably know, a "tic" is a tiny bug. and he always gets really annoyed (actually, he pretends to get annoyed), and usually pokes me. it's just this goofy little game we have with each other.

20,000,000. free candy everywhere. there was free candy EVERYWHERE. in the green room, in our suite, in the exhibit hall, at convention headquarters. literally everywhere. practically wherever you were, you would only have to walk about 20 feet to get to the nearest candy bucket (yes, i said bucket). i ate a lot. it was good. :)

as you can see, this was a very fun convention.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

future me(s)

my dad found this website called yearbook yourself, and i thought it was really cool. i've played a lot with it, using my face, my mom's face, my dad's face, and lots of other faces.

what you do is, you take a picture of your face, and it photoshops it into a bunch of old black and white photos. sometimes it doesn't quite work; but usually you can fix it. but sometimes your face is just not meant to be in that head!

so, here's some of the ones i liked best. i think the picture of me really fat is the creepiest. which one do you think is funniest, creepiest, works best, etc?

Friday, September 26, 2008

summer of max

tash mcgill came to my house (my old one) from new zealand to visit us. she brought a big camera, that you could take a bunch of pictures at once with, and flip through the pictures really fast. so you could make claymation. we made a claymation thing in my backyard.

a month or two after she went back to new zealand, my dad shows me this video that she made from the pictures. she calls it "summer of max."

tash's blog

Sunday, September 21, 2008


sorry, i started school and kinda forgot about my blog.

i'm really excited for this year, because we're going to be learning about ancient india and persia. we're already learning about india. we learned about the indian buddha. and i found out that buddha believes in god. and then i thought to myself: i wonder if god believes in buddha. well, it doesn't exactly say that buddha believes in god, but it does say that buddha forsaw that jesus was coming to the earth. and he was happy because then jesus could tell people the way of life.

i'm mostly excited about egypt. 'cause i've learned some things about egypt already, and it's really interesting.

this year we get to start woodwork class, which is just making things out of wood. but we're not allowed to use any electric tools until 6th grade, i think. and i'm in 5th grade now, so it won't be that long. but right now we're making this toy that's a square stick of wood, with a bunch of notches in it, and a little propeller at the top. we'll use a round stick, and rub it down the notches. then the propeller will spin because of the vibrations in the wood. right now i'm still making the notches with a knife. but it's a really easy project. so i'll be done pretty soon.

we have handwork, which is knitting, sewing, etc. right now, they're just telling us to knit a certain amount of rows and stuff, because they haven't told us yet what we're making.

for school, we have to play a stringed instrument -- either violin, viola, or cello. btw, the viola is just bigger than a violin. and, yes, it is a different instrument. i play the cello. i started a year and a half ago. we can stop in 6th grade if we want, and i think i might, because i play drums, but my drumset broke. so i haven't played i a while. and when i get enough money to buy another set, then i'm going to start playing again. and i think it would be easier just to play one instrument.

so, as you can see, there are lots of ups and downs in my new school year. but i'm still really excited about it.

Monday, September 1, 2008


i just moved into the house that i mentioned a month ago. and for those of you who didn't see that post, it's way smaller than my last house but there's a jungle in the backyard, its a small jungle but yes, a jungle. there's also a granny flat which is a guest house in the back yard. and you can walk to so many things from our house: including, baskin robbins (ice cream), cosmo's (a coffee shop, always stocked with ibc rootbeer), and a delicious restaurant -- i don't remember the name -- but i got lasagna, and it was amazing. my sister got cheese ravioli, and it was amazing. they had homemade gelato; which, in my opinion, is the best kind of ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet/etc. i got cookies and cream gelato, and instead of the base being vanilla, it was chocolate (so, it was chocolate cookies and cream). and i loved it.

i got over the sadness of us moving away from our pool very fast. and after all, i'm very happy that we moved.

Monday, August 18, 2008

vacation, volume 2

recently, we got back from canada.

i stayed in the fairmont banff springs hotel, which is a 5-star hotel. and because of my dad's work, we got it free. and our room was a suite, which was sweet! (ha-ha, get it?) we stayed two nights there. it was really fun: we went to really good restaurants. i had "tea time" for the first time in my life. and we went 5-pin bowling, which, for some of you canadians out there, that's not an american thing.

after two nights of that, we went to radium hot springs, which is another place in the canadian rockies. we stayed in a condo for 6 nights with some friends that i've known my whole life who live in seattle (we used to live across the street from them in pasadena). one's name is ben. and one's name is emma. emma is 12, and ben is 15. and even though they're older than me, we still had fun together. their parents were there too, and since we used to do little shows that we made up for their parents and ours, we did that one last time. we made a reality show, called 'dr. feelbetter'. i was dr. feelbetter, and it was really funny!

we went tubing on a lake, which was really fun. and after a while, i just stopped holding onto the handles on the tube. me and my dad tried to stand up together on it, but that didn't exactly work out.

another day, we went whitewater river rafting. it was really fun. we looked so stupid in our wetsuits, life jackets, and huge plastic helmets.

we also watched lots of the olympics (who's with me?), played lots of wii, and ate lots of homemade food.

it was a great vacation!

winner of the competition

sorry i took so long to pick the winner for the contest to give me the wildest idea you can for our new granny flat. i was on vacation.


i liked a lot of the ideas, and it was hard for me to choose. but, i'll have to go with kevin's idea, which is: catching small animals, and making a neighborhood zoo in the granny flat. charge people to go see the animals. become rich and famous.

that was really funny, and i liked the rich and famous part!

kevin wins a valuable cash prize! the problem is, kevin has to come all the way to where i live, to get his ONE DOLLAR cash prize! or, if kevin is coming to the sacramento NYWC, and sees me, reminds me who he is (because i might forget), i'll give him a buck! woo-hoo, aren't you a lucky man!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


we're moving sadly, which means i have to say goodbye to my big pool. i was frustrated about that at first, but now we found a house which we're going to get. it has a freaking jungle in the back yard. i mean it's got bamboo of all sizes, it's got a koi pond, and a bunch of different kind of green plants that look jungly to me. it has a granny flat too. it comes with a full on kitchen, a bathroom and a fridge so we don't have to use that junky one we have in our garage. we all have different ideas on how to use it:

i think that it should be used for me! i want use it to hang out with my friends and for sleepovers. it would be like a club house. it would be ok if my sister used it that way too, as long as i wasn't already scheduled to use it that day.

my mom wants to use it as a guest room/spiritual direction and a spiritual retreat space. think candles and incense and crosses everywhere. fun huh?

my sister wants it to be a place her and her "band" can rehearse when they haven't even had one rehearsal yet. she'd also like to use it for sleepovers.

my dad wants to turn it into a theater/gaming room.

i think me and my dad's ideas can kind of go together and liesl's can with a little bit of work. but see there's one problem. mom (dun dun duhhhhhhh)

how do you think we should solve this problem? if your idea is good enough, we may actually use it!

i'm also going to have a contest right now! what do you think is the craziest and funnest idea for using a granny flat? you might get a very valuable cash prize. ok, probably not but play anyway!!

all ideas for granny flat use have to be turned in by monday, august 4. good luck to you all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

movie review 2: batman the dark night

Batman is a very good movie... and when i say very... i mean very. Surprisingly there are 2 villains. I'm not going 2 tell you the other villain besides the joker but i will tell you that it is disgusting.

favorite joker quotes:

"how 'bout a magic trick? i can make this pencil disappear"

"here's my card"

favorite scene:

picture the joker in a tight nurse's uniform walking away from a hospital that is blowing up.

this is my rating 1 to 5 with 5 being the best: 4.8

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i am on vacation. i went to michigan first,for my cousin's wedding. i danced like crazy and obviously i am such a great dancer. and then from there,we went to chicago, which is now my favorite city that i've ever been too. when we went there we saw something called, "blue man group". it's these three guys with blue (painted) skin. this was probably my favorite part of my vacation, because it was really funny and really random. they have these little holes in their stomache and they ate some twinkie that apparently upset their stomaches and it sprayed out of the holes into the audience. yuck. a big glob landed on my foot! at the end of the performance they ran to the back of the audience and there were hundreds of streamers they pulled down over the crowd. we were in the front row which meant all the streamers that were being pulled down from the back of the crowd to the front all ended up on top of up. i was completely buried! i just got back to michigan in a cabin with my cousin and grandparents. it's a block from lake michigan. time to walk to the ice cream parlor, so gotta go!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

farting hero

this is a really fun game. it is called "puzzle farter". it's a little guy, with a turtle neck sweater, big square glasses, and what looks like a fish for a head. you run around and fly (by farting), to get from one door to another. it's mostly just trying to get to the other end through an obstacle course. and lots of times, there are living obstacles, such as fishes with stilts, giant fat chickens, and cats who throw paper airplanes at you! this is a super-addicting game. and so far i've made it to level 20 -- way farther than my dad or sister (my mom doesn't play video games).

can you get higher than 20 levels?

here's the link

Monday, July 7, 2008


kangaroo kyle can catch. what can't kangaroo kyle catch?

i'm going on a vacation to michigan this week for my cousin's wedding. i think i should be in the wedding, but no-o-o-o. anyways. were staying in a cabin with my grandma and grandpa for a while, and my family is going to spend a couple days in chicago. we're going to go to a bunch of museums and stuff. and i'm really looking forward to the trip.

i've been reading through the harry potter books, finally! like, everyone else has already read all of them! and i've read a lot of books, but not harry potter. so far, i've finished the first book, and i'm halfway through the second one. and i just started reading them about a month ago. i'm hoping to get through another one on our trip.

that's all for now!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Oops!!! I know my alphabet. Really I do. But i forgot "I". So here it is.

I ate ink!

And I think this one's actually pretty hard, so say that ten times fast!


here is my tongue twister for J. in honor of my mom, since the first letter of her name is j, i will do something involving her!

Jeannie jumped on jello over jam and jelly jars.

This is more entertaining than hard, but whatever.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


and, now, continuing my tongue twister tour through the alphabet world, it's time for the letter H!

he hears his hyena howl her hiney off.

try it! say it fast. lots of times.

movie review: WALL-E

WALL-E is a very good movie. it's about the future, when the earth gets filled with too much trash. and, then, humans take a space ship out to space for 5 years while little robots all named WALL-E clean up the trash while they're gone. this particular robot is the only one left; and the humans ended up staying in that spaceship for 700 years. this is a problem, because they end up spending their lives in hover-chairs, with robots doing all the work for them, and all the entertainment they need. so they're all super-fat, haven't touched a foot to the ground in years, and do nothing but stare at screens of entertainment in front of their faces.

WALL-E is very lonely, and a spaceship comes down, with a beautiful robot named eve. i'm not going to tell you why she's there, because that might ruin the story. WALL-E falls in love with her, but she's unsure about him. later in the movie, he proves he is very heroic, and eve can't resist his rusty metal charm.

there are a couple other fun little characters in the movie. there's a cockroach, who's WALL-E's only friend on earth. he's like WALL-E's pet, and always follows him around. then, on the spaceship, there's this funny little robot named mo. he's very small, and his job is to clean things. he has a little roller attached to both of his hands, and uses it to clean up dirt. he starts out being kinda annoyed by WALL-E and his mess, but ends up being a loyal little dude.

i thought this movie was a very good animated movie. i'll use a 1-5 rating system, 5 being the best. and i give WALL-E a 4 1/2.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Liesl (Leesl)

i realized i had never said anything good about my sister. i talked about her but all i said is that she is snotty and i hoped that wouldn't get in the way of our spring vacation. she really is nice, although, yeah, she can be snotty. we get along really well compared to some other brothers and sisters. here's a few things i like about her:

she's willing to play with me (not always)
she gets happy real easily
she can have a good sense of humor
she is very smart (but sometimes she asks me how to spell things)
we keep each others secrets and i can trust her with that
i like that she has musical interests like i do.

she got my dad's old electric guitar as a middle school graduation present. when i get my new drum set i think it'll be fun to play with her.

i'm glad that liesl is my sister.

just cause i didn't want to make two posts, i'm going to combine my tongue twister for G with how cool my sister is!

Girl's got game!

(girl = liesl my sister)

try it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

diary of a wimpy kid, a novel in cartoons, #1 new york times best seller by jeff kinney

i just read the front cover of this book and my mom typed it in. this is a very good book. the book is exactly what it says. it's supposed to be a diary of... a wimpy kid! it's all written in sloppy printing with many doodles all over it. it's a funny book about a kid who has to go through middle school. he's this scrawny little boy named greg who can get wrestled down by a boy named fregley who's way nerdier than him, way smaller and a little bit crazy. greg and other wimpy kids get mixed up in school with these huge, mean bullies who are already shaving.

this is the beginning: "September, Tuesday. first of all let me get something straight. this is a journal. not a diary. i know what it says on the cover, but when my mom went out to buy this thing i specifically told her to get one that didn't say diary on it. great. all i need is for some jerk to catch me carrying this book around and get the wrong idea (imagine a doodled picture of greg writing in his diary while a bully punches him to the ground and calls him sissy)."

i recommend this book. there's comedy, romance, drama and action. ok, so maybe it doesn't have romance, drama or action, but it is funny. and i guess he does have to run away from a bully now and then and i guess that would be counted as action.

i'll use a 5-point rating system for book reviews, 5 being the best. and i'll give diary of a wimpy kid a 5 and 1/9th!

p.s. rocks. please keep on blogging cole!


farmer fil finds festive food in fridge

that is my tongue twister for F. i think this one might be a little easy. See how you do with it!

p.s. rocks so cole, keep on blogging!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


error eel ate egbert

that was my tung twister for E . and i don't think you under stand, good tung twisters but i want tung twisters from the letter i'm doing.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

All Father Odin

My class did a play and since we've been studying Norse mythology, we did one about the Aesir gods. The Aesir gods are like Odin, Thor, Loki, and all that stuff. I don't know if you've heard of Odin or Loki, but surely you've heard of Thor. The Aesir is the city of the gods which is much more than just Odin, Thor and Loki. I got the parts of Odin and Petmyr because we did the play twice. Odin is the "all father god" (the main god). Although he is not the main person in the play. Here are my lines for Odin. Imagine me like in the picture, holding a fake spear, speaking in a low, powerful, loud voice:

The daylight ends and darkness deepens
The sun descends, his horses leaping
Lightly over Asgards peaks
Night stars sparkle cloak
With sleep covers all
Let each return royally to his high hall
To wearily wonder
To dream or to ponder.

Frigg, my wife, both dread and dear
Wend you well to Finsalir
Hemdall, sleepless sentry, watch
O'er Asgard from Valasgalf
Freya, goddess of love and sorrow
to Sessumir go until the morrow
Thor, my strong and stalwart son
Bid abed till dark be done.

And though we live in laughing light
The Norns know of a deadly night
Will one day deepen Asgard's heights
A twilight thrice forsaken
From which we'll not awaken...
But Aesir--
We still live in lights bright weaving
Sun gold gifts with grace receiving
Let not the night lead you astray
While with Aesir might you make your way.

Petmyr is an interesting character. Thor has to take three trials to win the woman of his dreams, Gana Hafta. Gana Hafta is a two headed giant, but Thor doesn't know. Loki tricked him by saying she was "twice" as lovely as any fair maiden. One of the trials he had was to pick up Utgard-Loki's (Gana Hafta's father) cat, named Petmyr! So i had to sit in the middle of the floor dressed in a really stupid cat costume while my friend, Nicolas, wearing a red and orange beard as Thor, and has to pretend that he can't pick me up. Here are my lines:


i don't know which one was more fun to play but i sure wish i had a cat picture i could show you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

pretty toes

we got my mom a pedicure for mother's day, and thought it would be fun for all of us to get one with her. so, i got a pedicure for the first time, and for fun, decided to get my toe-nails painted. can you guess which toes are mine?

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dracula drank Drano.

That was my tongue twister for "D"! This one isn't my best, but my Mom can't say it very well. Here's another tongue twister that I found on the TGIFriday kid's menu a long time ago. This was one of my inspirations for making up tongue twisters when I have nothing else to do:

any noisy noise annoys an oyster

When me and my sister were first learning it, we kept on saying, "any noisy noisy noisy noisy noisy noyster." It takes some time to learn, but I think it's a pretty good one.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

stickmen fighting

i just thought this was cool, watch the black guy

fluffy puff marshmallows

my sister's friend's little brother, paul, randomly in the car, said, "fluffy puff marshmallows." later, my sister was on youtube, and she asked me what to type in on the search line. i said, "fluffy puff marshmallows," and this is what came up...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Haven't Blogged in a "While"

i haven't blogged in a while and i'm sort of sorry about that but i'm gonna blog now, so there. ok. i never finished my tongue twister thing, so i'm going to go with "C".

cranky cooper's crap cried

say that 10 times fast! i know it's a little weird but i just had to make something up off the top of my head. my mom can't do it so try to do it more than twice and you'll beat her record. send in your own tongue twisters starting with a "C". make it up by yourself!