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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


we're moving sadly, which means i have to say goodbye to my big pool. i was frustrated about that at first, but now we found a house which we're going to get. it has a freaking jungle in the back yard. i mean it's got bamboo of all sizes, it's got a koi pond, and a bunch of different kind of green plants that look jungly to me. it has a granny flat too. it comes with a full on kitchen, a bathroom and a fridge so we don't have to use that junky one we have in our garage. we all have different ideas on how to use it:

i think that it should be used for me! i want use it to hang out with my friends and for sleepovers. it would be like a club house. it would be ok if my sister used it that way too, as long as i wasn't already scheduled to use it that day.

my mom wants to use it as a guest room/spiritual direction and a spiritual retreat space. think candles and incense and crosses everywhere. fun huh?

my sister wants it to be a place her and her "band" can rehearse when they haven't even had one rehearsal yet. she'd also like to use it for sleepovers.

my dad wants to turn it into a theater/gaming room.

i think me and my dad's ideas can kind of go together and liesl's can with a little bit of work. but see there's one problem. mom (dun dun duhhhhhhh)

how do you think we should solve this problem? if your idea is good enough, we may actually use it!

i'm also going to have a contest right now! what do you think is the craziest and funnest idea for using a granny flat? you might get a very valuable cash prize. ok, probably not but play anyway!!

all ideas for granny flat use have to be turned in by monday, august 4. good luck to you all.