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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i am on vacation. i went to michigan first,for my cousin's wedding. i danced like crazy and obviously i am such a great dancer. and then from there,we went to chicago, which is now my favorite city that i've ever been too. when we went there we saw something called, "blue man group". it's these three guys with blue (painted) skin. this was probably my favorite part of my vacation, because it was really funny and really random. they have these little holes in their stomache and they ate some twinkie that apparently upset their stomaches and it sprayed out of the holes into the audience. yuck. a big glob landed on my foot! at the end of the performance they ran to the back of the audience and there were hundreds of streamers they pulled down over the crowd. we were in the front row which meant all the streamers that were being pulled down from the back of the crowd to the front all ended up on top of up. i was completely buried! i just got back to michigan in a cabin with my cousin and grandparents. it's a block from lake michigan. time to walk to the ice cream parlor, so gotta go!