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Monday, August 18, 2008

vacation, volume 2

recently, we got back from canada.

i stayed in the fairmont banff springs hotel, which is a 5-star hotel. and because of my dad's work, we got it free. and our room was a suite, which was sweet! (ha-ha, get it?) we stayed two nights there. it was really fun: we went to really good restaurants. i had "tea time" for the first time in my life. and we went 5-pin bowling, which, for some of you canadians out there, that's not an american thing.

after two nights of that, we went to radium hot springs, which is another place in the canadian rockies. we stayed in a condo for 6 nights with some friends that i've known my whole life who live in seattle (we used to live across the street from them in pasadena). one's name is ben. and one's name is emma. emma is 12, and ben is 15. and even though they're older than me, we still had fun together. their parents were there too, and since we used to do little shows that we made up for their parents and ours, we did that one last time. we made a reality show, called 'dr. feelbetter'. i was dr. feelbetter, and it was really funny!

we went tubing on a lake, which was really fun. and after a while, i just stopped holding onto the handles on the tube. me and my dad tried to stand up together on it, but that didn't exactly work out.

another day, we went whitewater river rafting. it was really fun. we looked so stupid in our wetsuits, life jackets, and huge plastic helmets.

we also watched lots of the olympics (who's with me?), played lots of wii, and ate lots of homemade food.

it was a great vacation!

winner of the competition

sorry i took so long to pick the winner for the contest to give me the wildest idea you can for our new granny flat. i was on vacation.


i liked a lot of the ideas, and it was hard for me to choose. but, i'll have to go with kevin's idea, which is: catching small animals, and making a neighborhood zoo in the granny flat. charge people to go see the animals. become rich and famous.

that was really funny, and i liked the rich and famous part!

kevin wins a valuable cash prize! the problem is, kevin has to come all the way to where i live, to get his ONE DOLLAR cash prize! or, if kevin is coming to the sacramento NYWC, and sees me, reminds me who he is (because i might forget), i'll give him a buck! woo-hoo, aren't you a lucky man!