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Monday, August 18, 2008

winner of the competition

sorry i took so long to pick the winner for the contest to give me the wildest idea you can for our new granny flat. i was on vacation.


i liked a lot of the ideas, and it was hard for me to choose. but, i'll have to go with kevin's idea, which is: catching small animals, and making a neighborhood zoo in the granny flat. charge people to go see the animals. become rich and famous.

that was really funny, and i liked the rich and famous part!

kevin wins a valuable cash prize! the problem is, kevin has to come all the way to where i live, to get his ONE DOLLAR cash prize! or, if kevin is coming to the sacramento NYWC, and sees me, reminds me who he is (because i might forget), i'll give him a buck! woo-hoo, aren't you a lucky man!