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Friday, June 20, 2008

Liesl (Leesl)

i realized i had never said anything good about my sister. i talked about her but all i said is that she is snotty and i hoped that wouldn't get in the way of our spring vacation. she really is nice, although, yeah, she can be snotty. we get along really well compared to some other brothers and sisters. here's a few things i like about her:

she's willing to play with me (not always)
she gets happy real easily
she can have a good sense of humor
she is very smart (but sometimes she asks me how to spell things)
we keep each others secrets and i can trust her with that
i like that she has musical interests like i do.

she got my dad's old electric guitar as a middle school graduation present. when i get my new drum set i think it'll be fun to play with her.

i'm glad that liesl is my sister.

just cause i didn't want to make two posts, i'm going to combine my tongue twister for G with how cool my sister is!

Girl's got game!

(girl = liesl my sister)

try it!