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Saturday, June 28, 2008

movie review: WALL-E

WALL-E is a very good movie. it's about the future, when the earth gets filled with too much trash. and, then, humans take a space ship out to space for 5 years while little robots all named WALL-E clean up the trash while they're gone. this particular robot is the only one left; and the humans ended up staying in that spaceship for 700 years. this is a problem, because they end up spending their lives in hover-chairs, with robots doing all the work for them, and all the entertainment they need. so they're all super-fat, haven't touched a foot to the ground in years, and do nothing but stare at screens of entertainment in front of their faces.

WALL-E is very lonely, and a spaceship comes down, with a beautiful robot named eve. i'm not going to tell you why she's there, because that might ruin the story. WALL-E falls in love with her, but she's unsure about him. later in the movie, he proves he is very heroic, and eve can't resist his rusty metal charm.

there are a couple other fun little characters in the movie. there's a cockroach, who's WALL-E's only friend on earth. he's like WALL-E's pet, and always follows him around. then, on the spaceship, there's this funny little robot named mo. he's very small, and his job is to clean things. he has a little roller attached to both of his hands, and uses it to clean up dirt. he starts out being kinda annoyed by WALL-E and his mess, but ends up being a loyal little dude.

i thought this movie was a very good animated movie. i'll use a 1-5 rating system, 5 being the best. and i give WALL-E a 4 1/2.