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Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 random things about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got tagged by my friend tash in new zealand, and i have to write 6 random things about myself. so here goes!

1. if i had been born a girl, i would have had the name "mara".

2. i recently decided that "the four main food groups of max" are:
- lasagna
- chocolate lava cake
- orange juice
- syrup

3. i like to cook. i know you would not expect that from such a manly and buff guy like me. i cook the usual: eggs, bacon, pancakes. i also cook other foods that aren't for breakfast.

4. the worst movie i've ever seen is "dragon wars".

5. i recently received a sock monkey (i named him "socko").

6. i'm collecting these things called uglydolls. look it up. i have "wage", "tray", and "chukanuka". as you might guess, they are dolls, and they are ugly (well, they're not really dolls, they're more like stuffed animals. but, anyways...).

i'm tagging mindi godfrey. mindi, you should feel special that i'm only tagging you!