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Friday, November 28, 2008

smiley guy and smiley brick

i found two new games that are really cool. one is called "splitter", and one is called "super stacker". i called splitter "smiley guy" because you have to get a little smiley face, that's a ball, to a home base. he may be sitting on wood. the way you get him to the home base is to cut part of the wood, or a string that's holding something else. i know it sounds a little confusing, but you can check it out here, and then you'll get it. it's really fun and addicting game. hope you like it.

super stacker i call "smiley brick". that's because it's a series of bricks that you have to stack without them falling. they all have little faces; and when they're smiling, that means it's stable. and when they're frowning, that means they may fall. you have to stack all the blocks that they give you on each level, then the stack has to last for 15 seconds (or something like that). this one's much shorter, and i've completed all the levels. but it's still really cool, and i think you'll like it. here it is.