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Friday, January 16, 2009

the shnazzy blog

i have recently changed my blog's name, from crazy max's blog, to the shnazzy blog. the reason i did this is because i have words that i make up, that are not real, but deserve to be. this one, i have actually heard in some other places; and i thought it was the awesomest word -- EVER. so now i use it a lot. if something's cool, i say, "that's shnazzy!"

i was talking to my friend forrest about shnazz and my blog, and he said that i should name my blog "the shnazzy blog." so i did!

i have also recently decided that if you do not have any shnazz in your life, if your life is shnazzless, you have failed at life.

so, by max law, i now command you to try to put shnazz into your life. and even if you fail, your trying is enough to have the shnazz god thrust shnazziness upon you.

shnazz on!