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Sunday, February 1, 2009

xmas vacation

over the xmas break (like, a month ago) i went to michigan (did u now they call them selves michiganders ha ha ha).

well, anyways... when i went to michigan (like i do every year), i saw my mom's side the family, with my cousins lydia, hannah, julia, sarah, their parents (my mom's brother), rodney and ronda, and my grandparents, papa turner, and grandma nola. my grandma fixed really good breakfasts, and my papa has lots of cool things that i can play with. but, most of the time when i'm at their house, i'm playing ping-pong (they've got a killer ping-pong table).

and then, of course, there's my other side of the family (my dad's side), with my cousins rachel, kirsten and her husband jordan, jacob, zack and his new wife rachel, and shana. and then, on that family, there's also my grandma and grandpa oestreicher, along with my aunt lisa, aunt lori, uncle joe, and uncle rod. and then there's always a bunch of other people who come over, such as: luther and allison, angela and jack, robbie, michelle (and two of her kids, lindsay and sam).

they've got a ping-pong table there too. :)

i don't have a ping-pong table at home in california, but when i'm in michigan, i am "mr. ping-pong"!!

so, to sum it up: all i'm doing, mostly, at both grandparents' houses, is eating food made by my grandmas, and playing ping-pong.

hope you had a merry christmas too!