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Friday, April 17, 2009

how that top ten london list turned out

this post is officially my first post i've ever made after i've been in europe and you may notice that i have changed. london has moved me. sigh.... and i think i've picked up an accent.

this post is a response to how i thought of the things i thought would be the best (say that 10 times fast). here we go chaps. jolly good!

max's top ten things he was looking forward to in london list and how they turned out:

#10 flying lessons with peter pan--omg we found peter pan in kensington gardens, we went to neverland and frolicked a bit until we saw hook who was actually a homeless man sleeping in the woods behind the statue of peter pan. kind of freaked me out actually. so i didn't actually get the flying lessons but it was memorable!

#9 the whole concept of going to london with my mum--freakin awesome!

#8 double decker buses--people said they were nearly phased out. there were a lot of them, even the old ones. we went on double decker buses a bunch, sat in the front of the top and it was extremely cool. much better view than from the underground.

#7 diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book (bought this for the plane trip)--cool i guess.

#6 getting one of the queen's guards to laugh. i'll tell them a fart joke--we went to buckingham palace at night. did you know the guards don't work at night? the queen was there, apparently unguarded. the only people guarding her were guys in camo carrying music stands around the grounds. very intimidating. but we did see some of the queen's guards at the tower of london guarding the jewels. so that was cool and i was going to tell him a fart joke. i really was. but i didn't know any and it felt somewhat awkward.

#5 pop art at the tate modern--it was really great but i got my hopes up too much. but on the other hand, i did get to taste a vanilla honey smoothie from the cafe. it was disgusting and sour, not sweet, sour.... what were they thinking! and it said with honey so why was it sour? doesn't make any sense.

#4 minding the gap--it didn't work out to well.

#3 high tea with the queen. i'm helping obama by giving her a second ipod, except this one is loaded with high school musical. she's gonna love it!--she loved it. i knew she was going to love it. i knew it. you knew it. of course, you know, we all knew it.

#2 a week without my sister (just kidding, no i'm not, actually i am, i don't know, kind of)--it was great, kind of, not really, no, no, yes, i don't know, mostly.

the #1 thing max is looking forward to in london is... sunny weather--this didn't work out so well either.