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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

max's top ten london list!!!

london, london, i love ya, london, you're only a day more day 'til LONDON!

max's top ten things he's looking forward to in london list:

#10 flying lessons with peter pan

#9 the whole concept of going to london with my mum

#8 double decker buses

#7 diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book (bought this for the plane trip)

#6 getting one of the queen's guards to laugh. i'll tell them a fart joke.

#5 pop art at the tate modern

#4 minding the gap

#3 high tea with the queen. i'm helping obama by giving her a second ipod, except this one is loaded with high school musical. she's gonna love it!

#2 a week without my sister (just kidding, no i'm not, actually i am, i don't know, kind of)

the #1 thing max is looking forward to in london is... sunny weather