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Saturday, May 30, 2009

bye bye daddy blog

this is sad, my daddy is giving up his blog.

so this is a post about my thoughts about my dad giving up his beloved blog. first of all, my dad has been blogging for, i don't know, let's say four years and i've always thought that it's kind of kind of cool that he blogs. just the idea of my dad having his own website as a kid sounded like someone really important. who doesn't like the idea of their dad being someone important? and so when i figured out that i could get my own website (blog), i freaked! it was like christmas or fruitcake. it just kept on being exciting. i named my blog crazy max's blog which later became the shnazzy blog. then my dad decided his job and being with his family were the two things that made him most happy in life, so he quit twitter, he quit facebook, and he quit his blog.

it felt pretty weird to be the only blogger in the family. and of course it still does. for one, i'm sad that he quit his blog because i liked it! and for two, i'm happy that he quit his blog because he quit it for me, so he could spend more time with me (and my family). the happy part seems to be a little bit stronger so that's good.

don't ever expect me to quit like my wussy dad did, for family. i have my priorities in order! :o)