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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i'm going to write a little bit about every kid in my class.

sean (nickname: stussi - his last name)
can be funny, mature (for an 11 year boy).

maxine (nickname: maca-seena)
smart, nice, and fast.

katelynn (nickname: none)
sassy, strong physically and verbally.

miles (nickname: mills)
short, funny, likes baseball a little too much.

quinn (nickname: quinny-binny)
funny, smart, and weird (in a good way).

forrest (nickname: dayy)
tall, cool kid, and first one to have a reason to consider a razor.

sean (nickname: lemonhead)
good at drawing, smart, and knows how to have a good time even if everybody else isn't.

montana (nickname: none)
only redhead in class, very strong verbally, and another sassy one.

nick (nickname: nini)
one of those people everybody likes, funny, and physically strong.

isabella (nickname: izzy)
small, excellent knitter, and enthusiastic.

nicholas (nickname: pickle)
big, funny, and not one to give up.

aiyana (nickname: none)
almost as tall as my dad, very thin, and enthusiastic.

madeleine (nickname: maddy)
short, laughs a lot, someone all the girls like.

hunter (nickname: hunner, or as i like to call him, the little energizer bunny)
short, smart, and fast, not one to mess with.

natalie (nickname: none)
does not appreciate most males, super girly, seriously colorful clothing.

sarah (nickname: none)
outgoing, very strange (not necessarily in a bad way), and funny.

cassady (nickname: sassady)
i literally didn't know what sassy meant until i came to my school and met her. VERY strong verbally.

nia (nickname: none)
can be funny, mini-'fro, strong physically.

scott (nickname: scotty-potty)
tall, VERY fast, he is really funny if he just lets his jokes come out.

john mathew (nickname: jones)
if you've got no one to hang out with, he's always there. he's really "normal".

gia (nickname: none)
really outgoing, really skinny, and really fast.

rachel (nickname: none)
very quiet, she's new to our class; and, like i said, she's quiet. so i don't really know much about her besides that.

max (nickname: extremely handsome and freaking awesome boy)
extremely handsome, freaking awesome, smarter than a 5th grader, and the guy everyone thinks is extremely handsome and freaking awesome. 'nuff said.

mrs. charmichael (our teacher)
otherwise known as "miss carmel-muncher", or as i like to call her, "commander caramel". very nice, motherly (kinda, like, she treats all of us like her children, in a non-creepy way), and a great teacher. and if i could choose any teacher from my school, i would choose commander caramel.

now you know what i have to deal with!