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Saturday, March 3, 2007


i just realized i never talked about my family. i DO have one -- i'm not an orphan (i've got orphans on my mind, though, because i'm reading all the lemony snicket book -- that you may not have heard of, but you've probably heard of the movie).

i have three family members. my dad, marko (and you probably know him), my mom, jeannie, and my annoying sister, liesl.

my dad is probably the coolest dad in the whole entire world. and he didn't make me write that. i'm going to go to st. louis with my dad in a few days. my dad will be speaking to a couple thousands junior high kids, while i am backstage fooling around with all the candy that they put out there for the crew.

my mom, on the other hand, is the one who reads me the lemony snicket books. we're on book #6, the ersatz elevator. a couple days ago, my sister and dad were gone, and i camped out on the couch -- overnight -- with my mom. it was fun. it's a big couch, a sectional one.

my sister, liesl, is 13. and if you have an older sister, than you probably realize how frustrating it is to have a 13 year old sister. we used to get along really well. but now, since she's a teenager, we still get along, but we get mad at each other easily, and don't hang out as much.

that's my family. i love them. we're going to new zealand in a few weeks, and i'm sure it's gonna be really fun - if my sister's not too snotty!