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Thursday, September 27, 2007

9 crazy max facts

i was tagged by mindi a while ago. so i'm going to blog about nine crazy max facts:

fact #1: my favorite animal is the kiwi. and i know what you're thinking. but my favorite animal isn't a fruit, but a wingless, flightless bird from new zealand that is also called a kiwi.

fact #2: i have a collection of percussion instruments from all around the world. (my dad got them -- go, dad!)

fact #3: my nickname, that i made up on an RV trip, is "stinko the clown". for instance, my dad's (which i also made up on the RV trip) is flabbio.

fact #4: i've eaten a termite body. not the head, just the body. don't question it.

fact #5: i've also tasted guinnea pig and rattle snake (but not in the same meal).

fact #6: in addition to lots of states, i've been to mexico, guatemala, peru, and new zealand.

fact #7: i've just gotten into "Calvin and Hobbes" comic books. and, as you know, if you've ever read one comic, you can't stop.

fact #8: i'm learning to ride a unicycle for school. and, yes, it's a private school.

fact #9: i play drums, cello, recorder, and the nosenfluggle (one of those isn't true).