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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

have a happy happy root beer day!

today, february 2, is root beer day. international root beer day. look it up. it's a real holiday, like seriously, it's a real holiday. i celebrated by drinking the world's most expensive root beer, virgil's root beer. $6 for a four pack. look it up.

how did you celebrate international root beer day?

and here, for your entertainment, while you glurp down that amazing brew, are 6 facts about root beer.

1) root beer originally was called small beer and had a small amount of alcohol.
2) root beer is made with 16 different kinds of roots and herbs.
3) root beer was invented by the early american colonists.
4) according to cha cha, feb 2 is international root beer day.
5) according to wikapedia, dec 4 is international root beer day.
6) according to some other thing, aug 5 is international root beer day.

i say we celebrate all of them!