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Thursday, January 25, 2007

angel helping grandmother

this last halloween, guess what i was? i bet you know. because there's a picture on this post! and i was a... wait:


a. a monster truck

b. an angel, or

c. a grandma

now, if you think b, raise your hand (huh, huh, huh). sorry, just couldn't help myself.

anyways, if you think it's b, that's weird. if you think it's c, that's ok. and if you think it's a, you've got problems. yes, it's c.

this picture does not really show it, but (heh-heh-heh, i'm about to talk about a butt, and i said but, and i didn't mean that kind of butt) -- anyways -- my butt was a humunguation (big) butt. we stuffed it with stuffing. and i mean, seriously, dude (or, dudette), it was like sticking out a foot farther than my real butt.

so here's the picture of me and my sister. she's the angel.