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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Da Book

I am going to make up these little tongue twisters and put them in a book. They're probably really easy to do but some of them might not be. And I'm going to post them occasionally. Guess what? I'm going to write them A - Z and I'm also going to write the little and in between Y and Z like the song!

Guess what? Chicken butt! Sorry about that. Couldn't help myself :o)

Guess what? You are invited to make up your own tongue twisters and put them on my blog for the world to see! Cool huh? Please only send in tongue twisters you've made up yourself!!!

Here's my tongue twister for A:

Annie accidentally ate another of Alex's absolutely amazing apples.

Say that 10 times fast!
I'll bet you can't do it. I really bet you can't do it. Ah, what am I saying? That's super easy. But that's ok cause that's just the beginning!

Now you can send in any A tongue twister that you make up! Get to work! Guess who? Chicken poo! ha ha ha :o)